Bettina Pelz is a curator, writer, and researcher. Over the last twenty years, her curatorial work is dedicated to art-in-context projects. Her transdisciplinary projects are hosted at art institutions and in public space, in postindustrial ensembles and cultural heritage environments. She has been the founding curators of several sustainable art projects in Europe and Africa. Internationally she has been involved in projects in Belgium, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Mali, Mexico, The Netherlands, North-Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South-Africa, Switzerland, and Tunisia.


Since 2000, the focus of her curatorial research and practice is on light in fine arts. From 2015 to 2017, she was a visiting professor at the University of Fine Arts Saarbrucken and founded the academic network “Light In Fine Arts (LIFA)“ in tandem with Prof. Daniel Hausig. In 2015, she founded the transdisciplinary format LICHTCAMPUS at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, in tandem with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Greule. The following editions took place at the Unversity of Applied Science and Art in Hildesheim (2017) and at the University of Applied Sciences Wismnar (2019). In 2002, she founded the decentral and informal International Network of Festivals of Light and actively contributed until 2018.


Since 2008, she is directing programs on curating and curatorial praxis. Since 2019, she is heading the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios in Tunis.
Since 2004, she is teaching at the University of Arts in Bremen with a focus on professionalizing in the arts.


She is married to the American musician and composer Bradford Catler, both living in Wetter/Ruhr (Germany).